Our Policy

We at Intrilo Business Services recognise and respect intellectual property rights and are committed to fulfilling our moral and legal obligations with respect to our use of copyright-protected works. As a matter of moral integrity and adherence to copyright law, Intrilo Business Services sets forth these policies for all the Members of the Public, Clients and our Employees:

Inappropriate Reproduction

● Intrilo Business Services is categorised as 'Artistic Production Company'. The Member of the Public, Clients and Employees of Intrilo Business Services must not reproduce any of our copyrighted work in print, video or digital form in violation of the law. Works are considered protected even if they are not registered with the UK Copyright Office or any registering agency outside the UK and even if they do not carry the copyright symbol ©. Copyrighted works include, but are not limited to: printed articles from publications, electronic articles in online publications, online videos, movies, TV and radio programs, recorded music performances, images, training materials, manuals, documentation, software programs, databases, websites and blogs. In general, the laws that apply to printed materials also apply to visual and digital formats such as websites, streaming media, music downloads, mobile apps, CDs and DVDs.

Clearance Center

●Intrilo Business Services holds 'Copyright Clearance Center', designated by the then CEO as the copyright officer to administer our company's copyright policy. He can help you how to handle any special copyright issues. Questions concerning copyright procedures, including fair use, should be addressed to the CEO, which enables the Members of the Public, Clients and Employees of Intrilo Business Services inside and outside the United Kingdom to lawfully reproduce and distribute content, in print or electronic format, as needed within the company, Under the license of Intrilo Business Services. Employees can copy and internally distribute excerpts from newspapers, magazines, journals and other copyright protected works licensed by Copyright Clearance Center, as often as needed, provided that the license may not be used as a replacement for subscriptions or primary purchases of the published materials.

Employees Rights

●Employees of Intrilo Business Services can e-mail the art works or working material to other employees, share content by posting them on our company intranet sites and social media or store materials in shared folders, and scan content when a digital original is not available. The rights also authorises employees to provide a single print or electronic copy to a client or prospect upon his or her direct request for further information relating to Intrilo Business Services products or services, and to submit copies to government agencies as required to support regulatory submissions.


●The Member of the Public, Clients and Employees of Intrilo Business Services can obtain permission in writing to reproduce or use our copyrighted works outside of Intrilo Business Services and/or to use such works in ways that are not covered by our license or other prior agreements, by requesting online via 'Contact Form' and paying the due charge. Questions on specific procedures should be directed to the CEO, who serves as our copyright officer.


●Intrilo Business Services expects its clients to produce materials with copyrights or permission to use for the design or print works. Any infringement in this regard would be the sole responsibility of the clients as per the Copyright lawas of the land. The employees of Intrilo Business Services handling these materials must use them responsibly. We also encourage employees to educate their peers on copyright compliance. If any employee witnesses a potential copyright infringement, please bring the matter to the attention of the individual as well as to our CEO, who serves as our copyright compliance officer. Employees who illegally duplicate copyrighted works may be subject to legal and disciplinary action up to and including termination.

We at Intrilo Business Services would like to create a safe and respectable environment to work together!

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